Playing with Raspbian-Docker

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For a little while now I've been using the excellent (225) 417-2098 package by Mike Brady on a Raspberry Pi 2B+ to stream music in my kitchen. I'd originally tried this out on FreeBSD around a year ago, but hit a wall due to only ALSA support for the ...

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Getting Started with AWS

After releasing the fbsdzfs-ec2imager last week, I posted it on Reddit and got one follow-up suggestion: to include a mini-guide for generically setting up access right to an AWS account. Having an account and access keys to run things there is a prerequisite to running the packer builder, so it ...

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Quietly Busy with Packer

It’s been a couple months since posting last, thanks to work, and too much reddit. Politics is something of an addiction of mine, and I want to avoid bringing it here. The plan for bringing an s6-init FreeBSD into existence has taken a bit of a back seat to ...


Getting Started with s6-rc on FreeBSD

I started by setting up a raw and simple Vagrantfile, copied from a previous "portsbuilder" for staging new changes. After bringing up a new install of 11.1-RELEASE it was a matter of checking out the latest ports tree, as for some reason the s6-rc package for v0.4.0 ...

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Didn't Lift a Finger

Without having much oomph left in me last week, I didn't bring myself back to working on package updates and other details needed to bring s6-rc up to date for replacing BSD Init and filling out the next "easy steps". But lo and behold, I turn things on this ...


Templating AMIs with Ansible

Spent all weekend working on a simple Ansible script to generate and construct new FreeBSD images from a specific AMI. It was something of a cross work/qbsd support project. It was a lot of head-to-wall banging until I went back and carefully read the ec2_configinit rc script, and figured ...

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Happy New Year!

I’ve definitely let this lapse a bit too long in the last several weeks, much like everything else. What can I say? 2017 has been overwhelming, and the last weeks leading up to Christmas were packed to the gills with my day job and end-of-year deadlines. The only progress ...

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LetsEncrypt ... was confusing

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I spent most of today learning that Google Apps were no longer free, and wandering through their support pages trying to pull apart the momentary domain email I'd set up to get going. Because (1) it's not free anymore, (2) at best all I can do is add ...


Next Easy Steps

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The last five weeks were a bit chaotic at work, forcing me to put this aside while I focused on moving a critical platform at work. To be fair that was effectively done two weeks ago, so I’ve been a bit lazier than all that. But. I come bearing ...


EuroBSDcon 2017 &

We’ll always have Paris.

Spent the last four days in tutorial sessions and some very enjoyable talks. As soon as I come up with a good way of integrating images in this ad-hoc tool, I’ll post my selfie with Groff the BSD Goat and some of the speakers ...


The Plan

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I originally picked up this domain two years ago over drinks with one of my best friends, @grembo, but at the time wasn't even sure what to do with it.

After working a few days on a simple project at work, using daemontools by @hashbreaker to run a little ...


Working out the kinks

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Finally got around to setting up a process for testing automated publishing with github, daemontools and py-pelican. This is that test!

Basic idea (final design to be tweaked) will be to export this file as a Markdown doc in the Working Copy app, and push it to the private pelican ...


Testing the new site engine

This is the first time I'm attempting a markdown page in vim. There's some fun stuff, like python syntax highlighting. I'll take the opportunity to record some very simple date functions I find handy.

from datetime import datetime, date, timedelta
import re

def now(): return ...


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Murgh Aachari - Serve with Pickle

Murgh Aachari: Recipe Expliciter

Aachari Powder

Amount Substance Acceptable Replacements
1 tsp cumin seeds ground cumin seeds
1 tsp Fennel Seeds ground fennel seeds
1 tsp chili powder no substitute
1 tsp yellow mustard seeds brown mustard seeds, or even a good dijon mustard ...
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Goan Vindaloo

Gravy Ingredients

Amount Substance Acceptable Replacements
2 tsps cumin seeds ground cumin seeds
5 thai peppers dried chili peppers, or 2 habaneros -- to taste
1 tsp black peppercorns ground black pepper
1 tsp cardamon seeds ground cardamon
1 1/2 tsps black mustard seeds brown mustard seeds, or even a ...

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